4 reasons why logbook car service is important!

4 reasons why logbook car service is important!


Have you recently bought a new car? If so, you might be hearing the term logbook servicing many times by the executives in the company from where you have purchased your car. Do you know what it means? If not, we are here to give you details about logbook servicing and why it is important to go for regular logbook service. After reading this blog, you may also want to look for a company specializing in logbook servicing, maintenance and rego check

What is logbook servicing?
In general, a logbook service means a thorough checking or servicing of your car. It helps guide car owners about some important mechanical parts of a car that need to be checked at regular intervals of time. Those who maintain a proper logbook servicing of their cars indicate that their cars are in good working condition and their warranty is protected.

4 reasons- Why is logbook servicing important!

It helps to claim a warranty!
When something wrong happens with your car, you can claim the repairs under warranty. But, it is important to prove that you have appropriate services associated with the dealer to get the payment for repairs. During the initial months of new car ownership, replacing engine oil and filter are the most important aspects of a vehicle. Regular servicing of a car can ensure that you will not become a victim of engine oil leaks and other major problems related to your car. You do not only need logbook servicing performed at regular intervals mentioned in the logbook but each servicing must also be performed by a professional mechanic.

It helps to get the best price when you resell your car!
If your car has been well maintained and regularly serviced, you will get the best price for it when you resell it. You can show the buyer a logbook. He can check all the details related to your car servicing. Wherever you go for a logbook car servicing, maintenance and rego check, the details will be filled in your logbook and stamped by the mechanic. Chances are high, you will get the most amount for your car after the buyer checks all the details in the logbook.

It helps cut down repair costs in the long run!
Whether your car is under warranty or not, it is important to get it serviced regularly. Going for a regular log servicing of a car can extend the life of your car and save you from spending too much money on expensive repairs in the long run. If your car is well maintained, it will cost you cheaper to repair later. Always remember, maintenance is cheaper than repair! Logbook servicing can help you keep your vehicle in top working condition as you are going for regular car servicing by a professional mechanic.

It helps keep the records!
Regular logbook servicing of cars helps keep the history of what has been done in your logbook. This will help save your and the mechanic’s time. A mechanic can check all the previous details to make his job a little easier. If you are facing the same problem again with your car, checking the details in the logbook, the mechanic can easily know the fault and do his job. So, it is always good to go for regular logbook servicing of your car.

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