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Brake Repairs

Preserve the wellness of your brake system with our team

When it comes to vehicle safety, the condition of the brakes is always an important aspect tp consider. The brake is responsible for stopping the car and decelerating downhill, and keeping it stationary in place. As a result, a well-maintained brake is always required for a well-performing vehicle. Are you seeking for the best place to treat your brake system? Then, we at Shorty’s Batemans bay Tyres and autos are here to serve you best in all possible ways with all our knowledge and experience. 

How are we preserving the wellness of your break?

We are one of the leading car service shops, providing well-trained mechanics to repair brake problems in your car. We only install spare parts or components that meet or exceed the vehicle’s original equipment and overall wellness standards. Our team will also assist you with the operation and cost of the brakes upfront, allowing you to enjoy the best, most transparent, and dependable brake service for your vehicle.

Our brake inspection and servicing

When it comes to the vehicle’s braking system, there are numerous factors to consider. Like any mechanical system, the brake system will have many parts that must be checked and replaced. We frequently perform inspections and deal with various parts of the system, such as, 

  • Brake rotors
  • Brake pads
  • Brake fluid

We guarantee that by using our service, you will save time and avoid costly repairs due to our regular inspection and perfect car service.

Instances you should reach us

  • Noisy brakes
  • Sticking brake pedal
  • Licking brakes
  • Car veers on braking
  • Pulsating brake pedal
  • Vibrations
  • Hard pedal low pedal
  • Warning lights
  • Spongy brake pedal

All of these are indicators that the brake is informing you about mechanical system problems. When you are unaware of these warning signs, you may be in a dangerous public road situation.

Talk to our experts

Is your brake causing headaches in maintaining your car safety? Don’t be concerned. We serve with a team of leading mechanics who will assist you in resolving brake issues. Visit us to speak with our mechanics about car maintenance with a flawless mechanic system.