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Fleet Repairs

Get excellent fleet services from Shorty's Batemans bay tyres & autos

Are you in charge of a fleet company where fleet wellness is important? We understand how important it is to have the right help for handling your feet, including proper repair and services. At shorty’s Batemans bay tyres & autos, we have a team of highly skilled professionals who can properly handle the fleet in one place, ensuring that your logistics business is not disrupted.

Our customized maintenance solution packages can provide the best and most unique service to understand and help your company to meet its fleet service requirements. All fleet vehicles are eligible for regular maintenance and quarterly safety checks. We will diagnose any potential concerns and ensure that repairs can be done before a significant failure occurs. We understand how critical each vehicle in your fleet is to your company’s smooth operation, so our goal is to keep your fleet running by preventing any prolonged or unnecessary time off the road.

Some of our special aspects

  • Servicing at a reasonable  price
  • Customer care for both professional and personalized
  • Preventive maintenance and guidance to ensure that the fleet is operating at its peak performance
  • Accountancy services are available.

How do we help in fleet management?

Our highly trained and skilled technicians have the knowledge and skills to diagnose and fix your car problems. Our heavy vehicle repair and maintenance programmes include the following such as,

  • Services for logbooks
  • Repair and replacement of tyres
  • Take control of the whole vehicle
  • Upgrades to the suspension
  • Services for decommissioning
  • Testing and repairing batteries

How are we unique?

Shorty’s Batemans bay tyres & autos is a total and dependable maintenance service offering the most comprehensive solution at Batemans Bay. We are the market leader in fleet and car service in Batemans Bay committed to offer quality service at affordable pricing.

Stay connected with us

We act as a catalyst to fuel your business with well-managed fleets if you deal with fleet management and logistic services.  Shorty’s Batemans bay tyres & autos is a dedicated car service company and we are always available to assist you. Please contact us if your fleet needs additional maintenance.