How to select the light truck tyres?

How to select the light truck tyres?

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Are you examining new tyres for your trucks? Feeling confused about which one to buy? Let’s have a look at it. Different tyres can yield entirely different outcomes in terms of truck characteristics, performance, and limitations. The variety of light truck tyres available means it is a set that fits your priorities and how you use your truck. 

But the wide variety of tyre types and choices can also confuse truck owners or overwhelm them and put them into a perpetual state of indecision. The key to making the right tyre selection for your truck is becoming conversant with the types of tyres available in the market. Before you start in view of individual tyres, it is best to determine which tyre type will fit your requirements. Let’s see how to select the light truck tyres.

Do you know in which terrain the truck is driven the most? 

Truck tyres may come in various categories and sizes. Before start discovering in the market, you first want to view where the truck is driven the maximum? Is it just on the roadways, a combination of streets and off-road or exclusively off-road? All season tyres are suitable for pavement driving. 

If you drive maximum in the rugged, rocky surface with a lot of mud, then off-road tyres maybe a suggestion for you. Off-road tyres, even known as mud tyres, have knobby tread designs and stiffer sidewalls, which allow easy driving over the rocks and mud without puncture. 

What size of the tyre is suitable for the truck?

It is suggested that the new tyres should be the same size as the old ones. Based on that, you can choose which size suits your truck. If you do not know the size of the current tyres, you can check the owner’s manual or the sticker on the inside panel of the driver’s road, and there you may get the details about the tyre’s size.

All-season (on-road performance focus)

While there are concessions to the rule, most original equipment (OE) truck tires are all-season tires, focusing on on-road performance. All-season light truck tyres are ideal for drivers who drive most of their miles on-road and do not need higher truck performance limitations. If your truck was prepared with all-season tyres from the factory, then you possibly have plenty of miles to reflect on.

You should also remember that your truck was engineered and tested using a particular type of tyre. If your goal is to keep things as uniform as possible while being open to the prospect of moderate performance improvements (for example, greater comfort, fuel economy, wintertime traction, or on-road handling dynamics), then direct your focus toward all-season truck tyres.

Learn to read the tyres:

What ratings are good for your tyres? Every tyre sidewall has its original ratings written on them. The ratings are for particular features but specify the overall presentation. You should know about tyres, understand them, and figure them out simultaneously.

Truck tyre size rating:

It is usually written on the side of the tyre, and the size rating is generally shown in metric. While you are going for new tyres, you may go with a better rating than the current rating to have better performance but then make sure that you don’t go to extremes.

Truck tyre speed rating:

The common designations used in this rating category are V and Z. V denotes the range of 240 km/hr or 149 mph. Z represents the top speed. This description ensures that you can safely drive at the speed you choose.

Truck tyre tread rating:

This is another significant rating to check. Most of the tyres have certain specification for treadwear, traction, and temperature. The theory says the higher the treadwear rating, the longer the tyres last. The treadwear rating also indicates how hard the tire compound is. The harder the compound, the more useful the life of the tyres.


It would help if you always bought the tyres with good exposure against the flaws. Most of the tyres come with a warranty but still look for the one that says about the treadwear warranty. This warranty assurance you that the tread will last up to a specific number of miles. However, no treadwear warranty comes if the tyres are designed for off-roading. It may help if you do not fail to read and understand the good warranty terms.

Date of manufacture:

You can select the light truck tyre based on the manufacture date. While buying the tyre, check the date of the manufacturing period mentioned on the sidewall. It is a DOT code defined by A 4-digit number where the first two digits demonstrate the week and the last two speak about the year. 

Bottom Line: 

The overhead listed are some of the tips on how to select light truck tyres. You can also consider the above things before you select light truck tyres.

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