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List of Factors to Know for Choosing the Best 4×4 lift kits

The 4×4 lift kits aids to get the height and tackle the beach tracks, muddy rutted trails, and water crossing in the vehicles. Only when you can read the suspension and have knowledge towards it, you will be able to increase the tyre size and get so much needed ground clearance to take the advanced off-road tracks. However, before you decide to buy the 4×4 lift kits in Batemans bay, you have to know about it. Possessing more knowledge on the 4×4 lift kits Batemans bay will assist you to have the best kits for your vehicle.

How to choose the best 4×4 lift kits? 

You will likely be using the vehicle on the road compared to the off-side road trips. So, it is important to consider both the commute to and from work and any off-road, carrying or towing needed during picking out the 4×4 lift kits. There are also several other elements to make note of, and it includes the following.

  • Current factory suspension specification and the setup
  • The increase in the tyre size when you to suit it for the driving needs
  • The primary needs that the vehicle will be used and this will also include the off-road recreation, advancing off-road tracks, heavy hauls and towing longs as well.

Things to expect from the 4×4 lift kits 

These 4×4 lift kits may vary from the basic as the springs and the shocks to several advanced kits that include a huge variety of suspension parts like sway bar links, steering dampers, bump stops, spacers, bushes, shackles and extendable brake hoses. You have to discuss with the professionals in Batemans bay, who hold expertise in vehicle management and norms in Australia.

What is the necessity to have such kits? 

The 4×4 lift kits Batemans bay can offer from 2 inches to 5 inches of lift, and you can lift as per the needs. That is the heights of 40mm, 80mm, 100mm and even 125mm. However, you have to remember that the legal road limit in Batemans Bay, Australia is only 50mm. With the kit, you can significantly enhance the tyre size that means more traction and ground clearance, giving you better ability to tackle even the advanced off-road tracks.

Advantages of the kit

  • Increased clearance: When you have to lift the vehicle, it will benefit from the bigger distance between the undercarriage and the road surface. When you combine it with the suspension and shock upgrades, it will help you to stay safe while driving over any damaged streets or rough roads.
  • Ability to drive in the tougher terrain: A higher vehicle will be useful for the people who want to try to experience the most fun-filled and difficult off-road experience like driving through the rivers, climbing up the hills or through the dunes, etc. Having high performance will be generally ensured with such a lifted vehicle. Further, you can also have better clearance, higher traction, more robust rides and being able to use the larger wheels. Overall, these will allow you to do more with the truck and test the limits.
  • Better visibility: The ability to see more of the road is extremely useful, both in congested urban zones and several off-road areas. From noticing the potential dangers sooner to have better views of various areas of interest like the scenery.
  • Offering the smoother ride: These kits will offer the space necessary for even out the load and offer comfort when you are driving in the rough terrains loaded with the cargo.
  • Offering easy access to the vehicle: You may want to inspect or repair the vehicle. It is better to access the undercarriage always comes to handy. Particularly, when you feel comfortable in the confined spaces, an inspection of the vehicle underbody is no longer a dreadful and difficult experience in various situations. Deep snow and rutted trails do not represent a problem anymore for the trucks when you lift it.
  • Assists with towing: The lift will ease the towing process, and it will further allow you to move the vehicle from one place to another in various difficulties. Generally, the vehicle will be able to “squat” down without touching the road with its bottom.
  • Safe driving: The kit will give you more safety over the low profile vehicles as the lifted vehicle will offer a better view of the road, and the obstacles may appear. Even a couple of seconds of advanced notice can make the difference between avoiding dangerous situations and staying away from it.

What to consider for choosing the best kit? 

  • The type of truck you drive: The vehicle makes, and the model will help to determine the king of the truck lift kit. Some models will come with the lifting equipment. So, you have to check that as well.
  • The way of using the truck: You should know what you are using the vehicle for. It can be a weekend off-roader or the daily drive. It is the smooth ride necessary to you to have a smooth ride with the additional inches making it harder to climb in and out of the vehicle.
  • The desired size: The higher you lift, the larger the tire can fit on the truck. Thus, consider the ideal tire to lift ratio.


Thus, you might have got a complete idea on the 4×4 lift kits. So, understand the norms in the state and ensure to buy them suitable for your vehicle.

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