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Get a perfect new car servicing from Shorty's Batemans bay tyres & autos

Having your car serviced regularly is one of the important factors to improve its performance. People depend on travel to get from one place to another too much. Our mechanics at Shorty’s Batemans bay tyres & autos can also conduct New Car Warranty service and repairs. So you can rest assured that your new car warranty will be secured at our workshop. We only use ‘Genuine or good quality parts and oils and we give more preference to the quality.

Shorty's Batemans bay tyres & autos as the best destination for new car servicing

We at Shorty’s Batemans bay tyres & autos are the popular new car servicing shops at Batemans bay . Shorty’s Batemans bay tyres & autos have a team of talented Certified Qualified mechanics, each with their own set of skills and interests for a wide range of cars.

At Shorty’s Batemans bay tyres & autos, we only use manufacturer-authorized parts for repair, ensuring that the customer’s warranty is covered. Any part of the vehicle will be looked after by our team. We will guarantee that the final phase will be completed in the term of the new vehicle due to our thorough experience and care for the vehicle.

What to expect from Batemans bay tyres & autos?

  • Car maintenance and repairs of the highest quality, conveniently located near your home or workplace.
  • Our mechanics who are fully trained and knowledgeable and they can easily understand the needs of their customers.
  • Parts of the highest standard that are protected by a warranty.
  • Our whole service will be affordable and cost-effective.

How are we unique?

Shorty’s Batemans bay tyres & autos are the place to go for high-quality work with excellent results, whether you need a daily car service or logbook servicing. We give more priority and preference for our customer’s needs and requirements.

Stay connected with us

Put your car in our skilled hands, and then return to the road with trust. Give us a call for us if you need a new car service. Get in touch with us and we will get back to you soon.